Things to Do On-Site / Nearby
at Abrams Creek in WV

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  • Workshops:

    For a schedule of this years Workshops & Events -- click here
  • Inner Tubes:

    Bring your own for now -- as ours keep popping so we have stopped stocking them this year. Best recommended places to tube during lower water conditions -- Walden's Pond / Big Pool (very shallow) and Beaver Chasm -- up to 6 feet deep in places.
  • Hiking and Exploring:

    Abram's Creek is a magnificent boulder filled, waterfall rich, and cascade filled stream. Hiking and scouting out downstream swimholes and waterfalls for many miles is a great way to spend the day. A 7-8 mile downstream hike takes you to where Abram's Creek meets the N. Branch of the Potomac in Kitzmiller, MD. Vehicle can be parked at that location and hiking back to the campground for a pick-up vehicle is fun. You'll see some of WV's finest scenery along a spectacular waterway. See campground manager for directions to Kitzmiller.
  • Saturday Evening Lodge House Bon-Fire:

    Every Saturday evening (weather permitting) a Community Bon-Fire behind the Lodge House, open to all, Free. Bring your own food, drinks and trash bags. Skewers provided for your hot-dogs and marshmallows. 7:00pm - 11:00pm and after -- congregate with fellow campers and amateur musicians at the Bon-Fire Circle behind the Lodge House.
  • Organized Group Hikes and Picnics:

    Organized group hikes and picnics can be arranged for a willing crowd. Downstream waterfalls and swimholes abound and there are so many places to explore.
  • Mt. Storm heated, thermal Lake:

    Just 10 miles away, this super heated, thermal lake reaches mid-90's by summer. Tube, kayak, canoe, hike, build fires on the shore, boat, jet ski, para-sail, scuba-dive, sail, boat, and swim.
  • ATV's & Mountain Biking nearby:

    While there are many rural back roads in the local area suitable for mountain biking, among the best is the Schell Rd. swim-hole Rd., located just 0.2 miles west of the campground entrance off Rt. 50 (ATV's can ride the highway shoulder to get there). This 4.7 mile, hilly asphalt to gravel to dirt road takes you to the spectacular Schell Rd. Swimhole on the N. Branch of the Potomac River -- see Amazing Places Nearby link. Further, Emoryville Rd., another spectacular dirt Rd. off of Schell, takes you to Hartsmansville Rd. and back to Rt. 50 east of the campground -- this is a right hand turn off of Schell Rd. about 1.5 miles into the trip (sits across from 4 mailboxes and an old 2 person bus wooden bus shelter) - Lots of mud holes. See campground manager for details / directions on how to navigate. Other good mountain biking places include the Rails to Trails scenic bike route accessible from Thomas, WV. This gravel trail goes through old train tunnels and follows the Blackwater River for many miles. Bikes can even be rented in Davis, WV (2 miles from Thomas).

  • Swimming / Wading / Tubing / Snorkeling:

    Abram's Creek offers all of the above with many deeper and more shallow swim holes for all swim levels and ages. See the campground map with deeper swimming areas indicated by an asterisk (*).
  • Relax and Rejuvenate:

    Just come and enjoy nature. Acres of hemlock forest; miles of gurgling water.
    Simply enjoy what nature took thousands of years to create just for you.


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