Abrams Creek Campground and Retreat brings you as close as possible to pristine nature. Tent sites are generously sized, spaced well apart, shaded, and on soft natural earth. Cabins are secluded and set into the forest. Even at full capacity, there is no sense of crowding.

You are never far from our wild, whitewater stream. In some places, it is a constant source of energy and playfulness; in other places, it is peaceful and calming, inviting you to soak in its beauty. The forest offers a vast array of plants, and signs of wildlife are everywhere.

We are not only a business, but also serve as an anchor for others who want to live more simply and close to the earth. The concept of rural revitalization means reinventing rural life so that it is economically sound, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally satisfying. Ask any of our staff if you would like to learn more about this.

Mailing Address:
166 Abrams Creek Dr.
Elk Garden, WV 26717
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