Come enjoy our clean mountain air and unspoiled natural beauty!

As of May 1, 2020, WE ARE OPEN!

Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia

Our cabins and sanitary facilities are STERILIZED between guests. 

Meet the Creek Lodge House / Guest House


CottageRetreat Cottage
EventsEvent Hosting: retreats, parties, workshops

Some folks like sun; some folks like rain; some folks like wind. And sometimes things just happen that prevent you from using a reservation you have made with us. We guarantee the weather you like! If you reserve a space at Abrams Creek, and the weather doesn't suit you, or for any other reason you cannot use the reservation you have made, let us know, and you can apply those funds to a reservation any time in the future here at Abrams Creek (major holiday periods excepted).
This option is in addition to our regular cancellation policy.

Mailing Address:
166 Abrams Creek Dr.
Elk Garden, WV 26717
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