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Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Hosting an "Open to All" Workshop or Event

at Abram's Creek Campground

Workshop teachers keep 100% of their fees!**
and get one campsite for their use for Free (up to 2 tents per site, 2 nights)
Cabin / Tipi rentals / Lodge House / Additional Campsites at full cost -- sorry.

If you would like to host a Workshop or Weekend Retreat at Abram's Creek to share your specialized education and wisdom with others
please e-mail us with a detailed workshop description (see required info. below)

Click here for a listing of current workshops being offered so far this season, and the historical event pages.

Please submit a
Detailed Workshop Description, in completed format as you wish for it to appear on-line,
via Microsoft Word or HTML to us in email.

Please Include
  1. Title of Workshop
  2. Contact info. including your phone number(s) and e-mail(s)
  3. Web-link if you have one
  4. Dates
  5. Times: Please allow play / meal breaks for long or all day workshops.
  6. Include a photo of yourself if possible or some icon or logo representative of the workshop
  7. Prices (and form of payment -- cash / check / charge).
  8. Course description / Time-Line if there is one
  9. Where to meet (i.e. Community Bon-fire circle in campground or Lodge House Bon-Fire area in back of Lodge House...)
  10. What to bring, if anything (i.e. blanket, yoga mat, notebook, pen...)
  11. Is food included, or is there a break for meals; is there a pot-luck or should people simply bring their own food or make their own meal plans?
  12. A short bio of the teacher is also appreciated.
Post your event or workshop on Washington Area Spiritual Network (wasn.net) -- Go to Calendar of Events -- Add Event.
Post your event or workshop on any other free bulletin board style websites as well - such as www.craigslist.com or others.

It should be noted that affordable fees could encourage drop-in's (on-site campers) to participate. Success of a workshop depends largely on the provider-host however Abram's Creek Campground management can offer their web expertise to do website editing, classified event postings, and Facebook networking.

E-mail or call now to get your workshop or retreat on our calendar:
e-mail: events@abramscreek.com
Note: It is okay to have multiple different teacher workshops on the same day or weekend but timings should not overlap, if possible, so that guests can take more than one workshop in one day.

Large Events / Bookings:
If you are interested in hosting a retreat, workshop, or event for a particular community, work group or an "open to all" workshop, discounts on accommodations can be arranged for larger groups
(major summer holiday weekends excluded -- click here: Group Discounts). Contact retreats@abramscreek.com

Some possible Workshop topics include:
  • Yoga / Meditation / Nutrition-Diet
  • Guided Visualization / African Drumming or Dance / Botany and Plant Identification
  • Massage for Beginners / Sweat Lodge Basics / Health related topics
  • Weight Loss / Obesity Management / Reiki Energy Work / Healthy Life Style
  • Healing with Crystals / Shamanism / Native American Traditions
  • Diabetes Education / Astrology / Mushroom Idenification
  • Any other possible topics

  • **Workshop teachers do keep 100% of their fees, but are fully responsible for all bookings, keeping track of all participants, dealing with all monies, pre-registrations and payment collections. It is strongly suggested that you offer discounted fees pre-registration and have higher fees for same day payment (or require a deposit to pre-register).
    Abram's Creek Retreat keeps all fees for camping, tipi and cabin rentals and other accommodations.

    Abram's Creek Retreat will help you market your classes, workshops, and retreats held here by posting details of your workshop on the website and including links to all workshops in monthly e-mails.
    However, the success of your workshop has a lot to do with weather forecasts and your energy in getting the word out to your circle of friends / acquaintances.

    Some Observations (for a Successful Workshop):

    After hosting dozens of events now at Abram’s Creek Lodge and Campground since 2005, we have made the following observations and would like to pass them onto each of you for your consideration:

    1. Early morning events may have low attendance (i.e. before 10:00am)
    2. Saturday events should start at 2:00pm or after as people are still arriving at the campground and acclimating to the beautiful environment
    3. Sunday events should start no earlier than 10:00am as people sleep late, have breakfast, go for morning walks... beforehand.
    4. Sunday events are better attended that Saturday events as people also want to swim, build fires, walk, hike, explore… which they do much of on Saturday.
    5. Less expensive events / workshops have far greater appeal to drop in’s then more expensive ones.
    6. Long workshops tend to leave people very restless and eager to get away – longer events need long breaks. People want to swim, hike, explore…
    7. Saturday evening events also do well (i.e. 6:00pm timeframe)
    8. Workshops during monthly Sweat Lodge weekends tend to do well.
    9. Many teachers have accepted sliding scale payments thus far, so why not post it in advance – i.e. post a recommended fee of say $50 with minimum for those who can't afford full fee of $25 for example.
    10. Payment by donation is not recommended. Set a price and stick with it and require all to pay it in advance. Perhaps a discount for under 18...
    11. Money should be collected up front. Making it clear that the posted price is appreciated but if this causes a hardship, pay the minimum. Don’t’ be embarrassed to ask for the fees up front, even from late joiners, explaining the sliding scale offer if you have one.
    An air horn/conch is recommended to blow 10 minutes before the start of a workshop and again at the start. People at a campground don't seem to keep track of time. Air horns are available at big Party Stores and big Sports Stores such as Dick's and Gander Mountain.