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Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Tipi Profile: Abrams Creek Campground, Mt. Storm, WV

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Reservations and full payment required for all private Cabin & Tipi sites.



Tipi in summer.
Green mosses adorn the exterior.

Tipi as seen from the main campground road.
24 foot high poles, 18' diam. inside.

A view of the outside fire pit for Tipi

Stones lining the firepit

A small fire inside of the tipi.

Our Tipi's are made by ColoradoYurt.com located in both Colorado and Montana
Great Tipi Gallery of photos by WesternCanvas.com
Great Tipi Canvas Artwork by Tipi.com

Tipi as seen from the lower plateau
not far from the community bon-fire area.

Our crew that put it all together in 2005
L->R: Manin, Elly, Doc, Doug, Mica, Bill

Group Photo - tipi's comfortably seat 12

The solitude of Tipi

Tipi in winter

Tipi Setting: Tipi sits in a large forested space on a hill-top very close to the stream and stream-side trail below.

Tipi Features: Tipi does include 4 elevated platforms best for sitting and congregating, an indoor stone lined firepit, a picnic table outside, an outside firepit complete with steel fire ring and two benches.
See Tipi Details below for what is included and what you should bring.

Intended Use: Tipi is intended to be a congregation area only. It does not have an ozane to catch rain from the open top or a floor or wall liner. It is sitting on the earth with a small stone surrounded fire pit in the middle. It's intended use is for congregation while sitting around a small interior fire. Ample space outside of the tipi exists to put up a tent for sleeping arrangements. It is not recommended that you sleep in the tipi, esp. with the fire pit in the center or potential for rain, however, air mattresses are available (and a high capacity pump) if you wish to sleep in the tipi or bring your own.

Cautions:Large fires are not allowed in the tipi as the risk of catching the tipi on fire exists. Small, contained fires only. It is also not recommended that you sleep in the tipi due to rain / water issues and smoke / fire issues. Our advice is that you bring a tent and place it outside for sleeping.

Other: Tipi does not have electricity or lighting -- bring your own lanterns, either propane or battery based, as well as flash lights.

For tipi Prices / Rates, nightly, weekend, and weekly -- click here

(Visa / MC).

Tipi Details:
Tipi's are intended to provide meeting / congregation space, separate from tent sleeping quarters: elevated platforms provided for sitting.

What is included with Tipi :
What to Bring for Tipi : Small fires only in the tipi -- keep upper smoke flaps open at all times that fire is burning.

Campground Registration / Self-Check-In On-Site:
at the Registration / Payment / Information Kiosk located on the front porch of the Lodge House.
Please register and pay (if not pre-paid) after choosing a campsite or upon arrival for cabin and tipi rentals, and sign Liability Waiver (click here).
Blank Liability Waiver forms available in the mailbox on Kiosk post and
payments and signed forms are dropped into secure mailbox on Kiosk post.

Firewood available for $5.00 per bucket load - please deposit payment into secure mailbox on Registration Kiosk.
Firewood pile available at the shower house. Foraging for firewood is free.
** Do not cut live trees or tree limbs **

Cash or Check only on-site. No change available.
Security Check of all sites / payments / signed forms nightly.
Contact us for ?'s and Further Help: 304-446-5383

Check-In / Registration at the Lodge House
Located on Front Porch -- Self Check-In

The Check-In Kiosk for the Campground

The steel cargo building shower house

located close to the Lodge House

Hot showers
fueled by propane heat

Sinks and mirrors, outlets, benches
and hooks to hang your towel / clothes.

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